Type Processing Method Application Surface Condition
2B Bright surfaced material produced by final light cold rolling through a skin pass mill yielding moderate illumination, preceded by annealing and pickling. General purpose cold-rolled finish and commonly used for all application.
NO.4 Silver-white, beautiful surface material grinded by rotating / vibrating Brush Roll. Bathtub, Architectural interior and exterior materials, Kitchen supplies, Vehicles, Medical supplies, Food equipment, etc.
HL Material to show continuous abrasive patterns by scratching the No.4 surface with sandpaper, which is most frequently used for architectural interior and exterior materials Building interior and exterior materials(Sash, Door, Panel, etc)
NO.8 Highly reflective material produced through buffing a finely ground surface, while leaving grit lines. Building interior and exterior material, Reflective mirror, Decoration, etc.
The most reflective material which obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffing with free of grit lines. Building interior and exterior, Kitchen appliances, Elevators, Reflective mirror, Decoration, etc.
Vibration Continuously copying the concentric patterns in a continuous abrasive method. Building interior and exterior materials.